List of Professional Mobile Repairing Tools & Equipment

In this session, we shall see the List of Professional Mobile Repairing Tools & Equipment required for Mobile Repairing.

Professional Mobile Repairing Tools & Equipment

Soldering Iron

Mobile Repairing Tools
Mobile Repairing Tools

Soldering Iron is used to Solder Small Components like capacitor, resistor, diode, transistor, speaker, mic, jumper, etc. A 35 watts soldering iron is good enough for most mobile repairing job.

While buying a soldering iron, always ensure that the selected one is easy to hold & does not burn your hand. The Soldering iron must have the option to choose & select different types and shapes of soldering tips/bits which should be replaceable. It should also be ESD – Safe (Antistatic) because most of the semiconductor components are very sensitive & can get damaged easily due to static charge or static electricity.

We highly recommend buying a good quality soldering iron which is from the manufacturer Solderon.

Soldering Station

Soldering Station

A Soldering Station would have two units, a station & an Iron. It would have options to control the temperature which is required to increase or decrease the heat of the soldering job being done.

This is one of the important Mobile Repairing Tools, the Soldering Iron would be attached to the soldering station. This micro soldering is very much required to soldering tiny SMD components/jumper in the mobile repairing work.

It is better & more convenient to go for this soldering station rather than traditional soldering iron as it makes soldering work much easier & faster



A multimeter is an important tool for mobile repairing which can be analog or digital type. Multimeters are widely used in mobile repairing to find faults, check tracks & working on components.

It is highly recommended to buy a good quality digital multimeter for mobile repairing.

PCB Holder / PCB Stand

PCB Holder

PCB holder (Printer Circuit Board) / PCB Stand is used towards holding different types of PCB of mobile phone devices while soldering or repairing.

It holds the PCB board very strongly & does not allow it to move which would help for proper chip level repairing of the motherboard.

It is important to buy a good quality PCB holder rather than going for a cheaper or inexpensive one.

Solder Wire

Solder Wire

Solder wire is used to solder different types of electronic components, IC’s or Jumper. The composition of most of the solder wire would be Tin / Lead in the ratio 60:40 or 63:37.

Solder wire is available in the market with different diameters such as 2.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.0mm, 0.5mm, 0.2mm, etc.

It is highly recommended to select 0.5mm solder wire for mobile repairing job.

Soldering Paste

Soldering Paste

Soldering Paste would be in paste form. This is highly used while soldering & desoldering the components/parts of the mobile phone.

The main purpose of flux is to remove oxidation from the soldering point & other impurities from the PCB track and from leads of the electronic components for better soldering & electrical conductivity.

PCB Cleaner / IPA Solution

PCB Cleaner

PCB Cleaner or IP Solution (Iso Propyl Alcohol) is used to clean the PCB of a mobile phone.
The most common PCB cleaner used in mobile phone repairing is IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) or Thinner.

It is important to buy only a good quality PCB cleaner as poor quality PCB cleaner would damage the board.

Desoldering Wire

Desoldering Wire

Desoldering wire or Desolder Wig is used to remove excessive soldering from the PCB track.

Proper heat should be applied on the desoldering wire to remove excess solder from the component or PCB track.



Tweezers are a very essential tool to hold electronic components. IC’s, Jumper Wire, etc., while soldering & desoldering.

It is highly recommended to buy ESD-Safe tweezers.

Mobile Phone Opener

Mobile Phone Opener

Mobile Phone Openers are used to disassemble the housing or body of a mobile phone.

These are available in different shapes/sizes & are made of different materials like tough plastic or metal.

It is always to recommended to use non-metallic ESD-safe mobile phone openers to avoid any damage due to static electricity.

Mobile Repairing Mat

Antistatic Mat

An Electro Static Discharge Mat (ESD Mat) or Antistatic Mat is placed on the table or work station where the mobile repairing job is being done.

This ESD mat is highly recommended to use for mobile repairing work wherein it has different sections to place screws, hold a screwdriver, separate cabin to place removed components, magnet, etc.

Hot Air Blower

SMD Machine

A Hot Air Blower is also known as SMD (Surface Mount Device) rework station & SMD repair system. It has a control to regulate or manage the temperature and flow of hot air.

It is mainly used to remove SMD components such as a capacitor, resistor, coil, diode, IC’s, connectors & various jobs.

It is always good to buy a quality ESD Safe hot air blower.

DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply

Regulated DC Power Supply is an important tool to diagnose the problem of the mobile device.

It is used to supply DC current to a mobile phone wherein most of the technicians would use DC power supply to switch ON a mobile phone device without a battery.

It is easy to diagnose the issue based on the current flow reading given on the motherboard.
DC Power Supply can also be used as a battery booster to boost the battery of a mobile phone.

Note: Hot Blower, DC Power Supply & Multimeter are the important Mobile Repairing Tools that need for technicians to diagnose the issue & fix any hardware problems.

Magnifying Lamp

Magnifying Lamp

Magnifying Lamp is essential to see the magnified view of the PCB of a mobile phone. Most of the Magnifying Lamp would also have light.

Magnifying Lamp is available in different magnifications such as 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 50x, etc.

Screwdriver Kit

Screwdriver Kit

Screwdriver kit is an important tool in mobile repairing. It has several screwdrivers of different shapes & sizes to disassemble/assemble a mobile phone.

Point Cutter

Point Cutter

Point Cutter is used for cutting leads, wire, etc., It is better to buy a good quality point/nose cutter for mobile repairing work.

These are the Basic Mobile Repairing Tools required for technicians to fix any kind of hardware problems in Mobile Phones.

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