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Want to Become an Entrepreneur?
Then Learn this Online Mobile Phone Repairing Course & Start your own business. You will get the Best Tips and Tricks to fix all kinds of Smartphones in this guide.

The Online Mobile Repairing Course has been designed in such a way that even a non-technical person could diagnose the problem of any mobile phone and fix it.


This is an extremely very good guide to learn Online Mobile Repairing Course. You have landed up in an exceptional place where you will get all the knowledge required to become a good technician.

Here you will be guided step by step to troubleshoot and repair any kind of Smartphone. The procedure and techniques apply for all devices whether it is Android, Windows, or iPhone.

Online Mobile Repairing Course

The Online Mobile Repairing Course has been designed in such a way that after completing this course, you will get complete knowledge on fixing any hardware problems arising on mobile phones.

General Troubleshooting Steps

Regardless of how your particular smartphone might be, a dependable Troubleshooting step can be broken down into four basic steps.

#Step 1: Define Your Symptoms

#Step 2: Identify and isolate the location of your problem

#Step 3: Replace the suspected component, and

#Step 4: Re-test the component thoroughly to be sure that you have solved the problem. If not solved the problem, start from Step #1.

This is the Universal procedure that you can apply to any sort of troubleshooting.

Define Your Symptoms

When a phone breaks down, the cause might be a simple as a loose wire or a connector or a complicated as an IC or component failure. Before you start, you must have a good understanding of all the symptoms, it can be much easier to trace a problem to the appropriate component. Take the time to write down as many symptoms as you can. As a technician, you must often write problems and solutions for reference purposes – The Complete Process of Repairing will be guided in this Online Mobile Repairing Course.

Identify and Isolate

Before you try to isolate a problem within a piece of hardware, you must first be sure that the equipment itself is causing the problem. In many cases, this will be fairly obvious, but some situations might not be. A faulty or improperly configured piece of software can cause confusing system errors. When you are sure that it is a system’s hardware failure, you can begin to identify which component fails.


Because phones are designed as a sub-unit, it is almost always easier to replace a sub-unit outright, rather than attempt to repair the sub-unit to its component level. Even if you had the time to isolate the defective component, many parts are not interchangeable. So it is better to replace the defective part than try to repair it.


When a repair is finally complete, the system must be reassembled carefully before testing it. All guards, housing, cables, and shields must be placed before final testing. If symptoms persist, you will have to reevaluate the symptoms and narrow the problem to other parts of the equipment.

When you can verify that the symptoms have stopped during actual operation, the equipment can be returned to service. As a general rule, it is wise to let the system run for at least hours to ensure that the replacement sub-assembly will not fail prematurely.

Do not be discouraged if the equipment still malfunction. Maybe software settings and device drivers may need to be updated. If you are tired simply walk away, clear your hand and start again by defining the current symptoms. Never continue with a repair if you are tired or frustrated, tomorrow is another day. Even the most experienced troubleshooters get overwhelmed from time to time. Step by Step Process of Diagnosing the problem will be guided in this Online Mobile Repairing Course.

Following are the Chapter covered in this Course,

  • Basic of Electronics in Mobile Repairing
  • Mobile Phone Repairing Tools and Equipment
  • Testing a Phone using a multimeter
  • Identification and Testing of Card Level Parts
  • Fault Finding of SMD Component
  • Identification of PCB
  • Mobile Phone Diagnosis – Testing Methods
  • Half Shorting and Full Shorting
  • Soldering / Desoldering Process
  • Disassemble / Assemble of Mobile Phone
  • Jumpering Process
  • Causes of Faults and Failure in Mobile Phone

This is a very useful guide where you will get the complete solution of Hardware Repairing of any Smartphones.

Buy this Online Mobile Repairing Course Now & Learn Important Tips & Tricks to Fix any Mobile Phone from Home.

Happy Learning!

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    This is very useful product for beginners. This course take you step by step in covering mobile service & repairing.. Go for it👍

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